Winamp Android

Winamp Android is a media player that is available for Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android devices. Winamp Android has amazing features that will let you easily manage and better enjoy your music experience. Winamp for Android has a free version available. However, if you want additional features, as well as an ad free music player, you may purchase its premium audio features. You can download this application on Google Play. You have the option to download it directly from your device or from your computer then transfer the downloaded file to your mobile phone.

Wired and Wireless Syncing

 winamp android sync

It is easy to transfer songs between Winamp Android installed on your computer and on your Android device, whether you are using Mac or Windows. For wireless syncing, you need to pair your device and your computer first. Once pairing is done, you can send and receive files to and from your Android device anytime. For wired syncing, you need to connect your device to your computer with USB. The USB Mass Storage option must be enabled on your device to do the syncing. To prevent having to enable it each time you need to transfer files, you may choose to auto-enable it on your Android. Tap Menu on your home screen, tap Settings then tap the “Enable Auto Mount” option.

Media Player Controls and SHOUTcast

winamp shoutcast

The buttons on the media player are intuitive. You would immediately know what they are for when you see them. These buttons include play, pause, stop and next. They are present on each track, as well as on most screens on Winamp Android so it will be easier for you to control your tracks. Information about the current song being played will also be available including the title of the song, the artist’s name, album name, the length of the track, as well as the album art if one is available. If song information or album track is missing, you can easily perform a download by doing a long press on the screen while the track is playing. SHOUTcast Radio is also available. If you get tired of listening to your stored music, you can choose from more than 54, 000 Internet radio station using Winamp. You can manually search for a station or use the other options including checking on the top stations, your favorite stations and stations recommended for you.

Premium Audio Features for Winamp Android

winamp audio features
As mentioned, you have the option to download Winamp’s Pro Bundle for additional features that are not available on the free version. You may purchase this from Google Play or get it directly on your device using Winamp In-app Store. Once you get Pro Bundle, your Winamp Android will be free of advertisements. Furthermore, it comes with an equalizer letting you adjust your audio settings based on your preference. The crossfade feature is also available that makes a song fade out when it’s about to end and the next song fade in, making the transition between two songs sound smoother. Other features available with Pro Bundle are the ability to play audio URLs that are supported, option to browse by folders, gapless playback and ReplayGain.